Posted by Creature People - Nov 6th, 2016 @ 2:25 pm
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Thanks to BIRP! for including "West Cozy" on the November 2016 playlist!  

Head over to their official website or Soundcloud page for "West Cozy" and 45 other free tracks!


If you're looking for lyrics for "West Cozy", you can find them here, and you can also download the full album here!


Play West Cozy


Posted by Creature People - Oct 10th, 2016 @ 11:30 am
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Thanks to YabYum Music and Arts for their review of "West Cozy" that went up today!  Everyone go check out the 7 Mellow Singles for your Monday!


Fans of Joanna Newsom should definitely check out the brother-sister duo known as Creature People. Combining classical guitar and quirky, sugar-sweet vocals for a folk-infused brand of indie. “West Cozy” is the title track from the band’s 2015 release and leaves on with the impression that is was created by fairyfolk from some unseen realm of magic rather than actual human beings from Pittsburgh. Listen to “West Cozy” below and then dive on into other offerings from Creature People through their Bandcamp page.


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Posted by Creature People - Jun 11th, 2016 @ 3:40 pm
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Thanks to our new friends WeeClaire and Independent Clauses for giving us some links this week!  It's fun to see clicks coming in from new places around the world.  Please check out both of these blogs!


Creature People‘s Dark Ambitions is based on a recent trip to New York city.


It’s uncertain what went down in the Big Apple but as the track comes to a close, vocalist Kayli sings “dark ambitions are running this town, I don’t think I’ll stick around.” What happened? You decide!


The brother sister duo – Kayli and Ian – are a strange duo combining a 60s folk sound and awkward, haunting female vocals that make for an intriguing mix. It’s almost unnerving to listen at first but after a few plays, you’ll become utterly enchanted with the darkness that surrounds Creature People.


Play Dark Ambitions


West Cozy” – Creature People. By chance, I stumbled upon this text-based adventure game while I was listening to the song. Creature People’s mysterious, woodsy folk was the perfect accompaniment to a game that slowly unfolds itself as an adventure.


Play West Cozy


Posted by Creature People - May 21st, 2016 @ 10:50 am
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The May 2016 edition of The Indie Rock Playlist went online today, featuring Dark Ambitions.  Thanks to them for including us again on their 10 year anniverary playlist!  Check it out here.


Explosions of the Heart was also part of the March 2016 edition.


The two playlists together contain more than 10 hours of new tracks to discover, so get over there!


Play Dark AmbitionsPlay Explosions of the Heart

Posted by Baby Tooth - Feb 25th, 2016 @ 10:55 pm
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Welcome to the brand new v2.0!  I stayed up way too late for a few days straight to bring you what I consider to be a great band website.  I tried to ride the line between classic (you early 2000's teens will remember) band website, and modern web dev practices to create an immersive experience with a lot of content to explore.  All of the music that we have released is in the playlist, which you can open from the button in the top left corner of the page, or by clicking below:


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