Posted by Solar Baby - Jan 23rd, 2015 @ 2:20 pm
Keywords: Math Rock, Video

Hello World,


I am very thankful to be blogging for the first time. It offers proof that I truly do exist. It's a chance to discuss very important issues with all the people that read (probably just myself and maybe my brother.) Issues such as;


  1. The weird goo that I just found underneath my fridge while cleaning. It may have been alive. 
  2. My youngest cat toots really smelly toots sometimes, and I've never experienced cat farts before. They are a rarity it seems, and I'd prefer they stay that way.
  3. Most importantly issues regarding a parallel universe! Yes, I've just tapped into a crack in time, and realized that I've already existed before! See for yourself... Here I am singing through the body of some other lady about a subject I am very passionate about, basic math.