Released October 1st, 2014
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Written by Kayli Kaufmann
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar - Kayli Kaufmann
Bass, Classical Guitar, Percussion, Production - Ian Kaufmann

Remembering when we were seventeen.
Wandering around oh so carelessly.
We were practically just two little babies.

I thought back then I'd be safe from the world.
He said "I'm going to marry this sweet little girl".

But oh no, where did our love go?
I'm stuck so I guess I'll just put on this show.

It's a pretty good thing that I learned how to sew.
'Cause there's mending to do before I can let go.

I didn't think twice about giving my life.
A wife as a teen knowing not what it would mean.
After all, Jesus had said I should follow this dream.

But I've seen now just how love can leave.
So without a ring on my hand I'll forever be free.
But still somehow I need to believe
I'll find love so intense that I barely can breathe.

Oh, I know we didn't mean to lie,
and he loved me so much, just doesn't know how to try.
Oh, I take a deep breath and sigh,
'cause I finally found the peace to say goodbye.