Released October 1st, 2014
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Written by Kayli Kaufmann
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar - Kayli Kaufmann
Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Production - Ian Kaufmann

I've begun to fray watching my life play.
I hope it's a phase; I will be okay.

Been getting skinnier by the day, I guess I just like wasting away.
'Cause when the summer shines, feelings clogging up my mind,
got me spending all my time...

Eating nothing but the sun. Nothin' but the sun... Girl you better run.

Am I predisposed? Destruction I disclose.
When everything is going fine inside I still explode.

Seems you just can't stand not holding someone's hand,
you never have a plan, but you got your man. You need a distant land;
only way you'll understand how to face yourself alone.

How does anyone know which is the right road?
When hearts they pound for love, but the selfish brain still glows.

My friend, she told me of her frights, images haunting her at night.
While her lover holds her tight, she shook there and she cried.
Seems no matter how she tries...

In love you can't be free. Aching possibilities eat away your mind.
What should you leave behind?

Today you looked at me with distaste while changing a flat tire;
I loathed you'd put me in that place.

But, a lover is a mirror, that's why relationships are laden with fear.
We want to be deserving, which takes some bending, breaking, burning.

Of those natural, selfish tendencies, emotions run high.
In this life of co-dependency, don't want to say goodbye.