Released December 1st, 2018
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Written by Kayli Kaufmann
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar - Kayli Kaufmann
Bass, Ukulele, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Production - Ian Kaufmann

Sitting in my room watching flowers bloom,
yet totally consumed with how far I am away from you.
Physicality means nothing when it comes to distance.
Isn't there something I can do?

I'd lost track of my mind, and it's not the first time I thought I'd risen above it all.
But pride comes before the fall.

Can I lose this part of me,
so I can have someone so sweet to sleep beside me every night?
I know now; love means letting go.

I can't stand when I wake holding on to any pain.
I drank the devil's drink, and now I must explain.
Self-inflicted complication, I believe, has become a bad habit with power to control me.

I will lose this part of me.
I want you to sleep beside me every night.
I know now of what I should let go.
For love I will let go.

I can feel the breeze sweeping through our valley.
It's a wind of change; so necessary.

I was called here to evolve,
and you loved me though my problems weren't yet solved.

I could lose this part of me.
What I offer will be clean.
You'll see the clarity I've found by letting go.
There are some things I'm happy to let go.