Released December 1st, 2018
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Written by Kayli Kaufmann
Vocals - Kayli Kaufmann
Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Production - Ian Kaufmann

The clouds began to pour their rain;
it's gonna stain my shoes as I think of how I placed the blame last night.
I put everything on you.

I tried to be louder than my voice could e'er be heard, so I used rage, baby.
Now all the lines are blurred.

I could attempt more to explain, defer responsibility, but it never takes away the pain.
Put down my guns; take a harder look at me.

Truth be told, I'm not as innocent as I wish I could be.
It's hard to know I've failed again as rain sounds drop so beautifully.

Amazing how explosions of the heart can take me down.
It's days before I start to come around, come around, but I come around back to my knees.

We've been fighting again. But if I lay down my pride, I know we'll survive and love will win.

So if you'll please, baby, open your arms again;
I'll make it worth your while if you can forgive my sins.