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West Cozy - Make Beauty
Written by Kayli Kaufmann
Vocals - Kayli Kaufmann
Bass, Ukulele, Acoustic Guitar, Production - Ian Kaufmann

In the night you're supposed to dream vivid pictures usually unseen.
But there's one who always stays awake in a cycle he won't ever break.

Turn the knob, vapor fills the room.
Now for hours, totally consumed.
Pacing back and forth across the floor,
every night you search for something more.

Oh my man; not one of this world.
I stand by to hear the secrets he unfurls.

May the spirit come to you.
May your thoughts not haunt you.
Make beauty.

It's rare to find someone who's set themself free
to live in a state of spirituality.
Devising comfort you formed another way,
'cause you can't accept living a normal day.

The monk needs solitude for revelations that haven't been construed.
In daylight, community influence is shown,
while the darkness invites hearts that are your own.

I've been taught by you to have the courage to seek the truth.
Society's distractions prominently take a hold on hypnotized masses;
few break the mold.

Oh, there must be something more than
monotonous completion of American chores.

May the spirit pour out of you.
May this love take care of you.
Make your beauty, oh, life of beauty.